Simon Longo - Saurus in New York [MI002]

Simon Longo - Saurus in New York [MI002]

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Artist: Simon Longo
Title: Saurus in New York
Label: Modern Innovation
Cat No: MI-002
Release date: 2020
Format: 12”

A1. Saurus in N.Y. 1993
A2. Saurus Tee Bee
B1. Boiler Room Mix
B2. Saurus in N.Y. 1993 Vox unreleased mix

Born in the years when Simon Longo's creativity was in diapason, the project Saurus materialized through a single release on vinyl in 1993. One of the three mixes was "Saurus in New York", which returns today pulsating again thanks to Modern Innovation's re-release.

The original Muzak has in time become a sought after collector item, constantly on the rise on the second hand market. In addition to the original version, where Simon conveys the essential dub of house music from that time is "Saurus Tee Bee" with its scraping acid tones as suggested by the title and the long "Boiler Room mix" containing a 11 min long mix that generates a sinuous trip summing sonorities of the two preceding tracks.

Sounds from yesterday but perfect for today and tomorrow.