Reptant ‎– Phasic Reflex [OYSTER25]

Reptant ‎– Phasic Reflex [OYSTER25]

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Artist: Reptant
Release Title: Phasic Reflex
Label: Kalahari Oyster Cult
Cat No: OYSTER25
Format: 12“
Style: Breaks, Acid, Downtempo


A1. Phasic Reflex
A2. MS Plenty
B1. A Realist's Realistic Reality
B2. A Realist's Realistic Reality (Roza Terenzi's Realism Remix)

Expert in trippy joints and knee-buckling bounce, OZ-based producer Reptant is back with a vengeance after an array of choice outings on the likes of Salt Mines, Planet Euphorique and Craigie Knowes. No warm-up lap needed, 'Phasic Reflex' may start as a tycho-esque daydream, what's bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. A pure adrenaline rush of vogue-ing 303, hi-voltage electro and intricate drum programming, this one has dancefloor ripper written all over it.

Keeping the tension up to hazardous levels, 'MS Plenty' zones out to a Detroit-style elixir of arpeggiated seesaws and pong-indebted, body-jacking pep. As its title suggests - or not, the B-side opener 'A Realist's Realistic Reality' clearly lies closer to a cyphered Dick-ian parallel world full of binary bleepin' and swirlin', post-kosmische infused riffs and tentacular Arpanet-style modularity, which Roza Terenzi alters into a lo-pressure dub expedition - better tasted at sunrise, feet buried deep in the sand and your hazy mind draped in the cosy folds of a cheerful seaside sloth with friends.