Michelle ‎– Undirectional Flow [MOJ14]

Michelle ‎– Undirectional Flow [MOJ14]

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Artist: Michelle
Release Title: Undirectional Flow
Label: My Own Jupiter
Cat No: MOJ14
Format: 12“

A1. Ballflower
A2. Claroscuro
B1. Russian Sis
B2. Orgon


Press the button on the top right of the video with the three lines to access the rest of the previews. Two of the songs can only be heard here: 


Michelle returns to Nicolas Lutz’s My Own Jupiter!

Zocco sees Michelle mine more classic sounds, recreating the kind of lairy acid and bass-heavy '90s techno Nicolas Lutz tends to play. The punchy yet seductive "Hardcoredancing" is the highlight, where an addictive bell motif combines with a tough, mechanical beat. There's a trancey influence at other points. "Glyptotheca" features the distinctive rolling, acid bassline common in classic trance and acid techno. Like on Zocco's best moments, a simple arrangement is livened by a perfectly programmed synth line.

These memorable melodic earworms set Michelle's standout tracks apart, but when they're absent there's not much to fall back on. Tracks like "Suburbia" and "Transatlantico" are overshadowed by their superior neighbouring tracks, and aren't different enough to demand much playtime. Zocco might be slightly too long. You could pick your top four tracks and get a killer EP, but across two discs there are too many that slip by. That said, it's worth getting for those good moments.