Intimacy ‎– Across The Bridge [BQT002]
Intimacy ‎– Across The Bridge [BQT002]
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Intimacy ‎– Across The Bridge [BQT002]

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Artist: Intimacy
Release Title: Across The Bridge
Label: Bouquet. Records
Cat No: BQT002
Format: 12“


A1: Across The Bridge
A2: Angelo's House (50 String Mix)
B1: Datalore66
B2: Eternal September

Outfitted with anthemic romps, tongue-in-cheek pastiches, and percussions that pivot from rolling adventures to rain hitting the windowpane, Intimacy’s “Across the Bridge” marks the artist’s fifth release on vinyl and first release on Bouquet. A grab bag of fun, dancefloor-ready tracks written across 2019, the EP delivers his aesthetic of old computers, sci-fi movies, and science class educational videos configured into deep, spacey line-toting bedroom techno and melancholic house.

The title track features a catchy electroclash-esque (!!!) saw wave bassline, complete with emo Roland D50 strings and bells, all laid over a very beefy electro beat. It crossbreeds a Drexciya strain of low-end thump with a chewy, Eurotrash bassline evoking that time you lost your wallet at Tresor in '98. Strings and bells from the Roland D50 introduce the same euphoric high found in most of the products crawling out of Perdue's lab these days.

“Angelo’s House” is a full-forced banger built around a well-traveled sample of Angelo Badalamenti's theme from Twin Peaks, recorded from an Intimacy live set early last year.

The flipside leads with the spiritual acid techno masterpiece “Datalore66”. Bubbling basslines hit a boiling point when placed in sequence with flutes showing genetic linkage to the Hartnoll family. Highly reactive material.

"Eternal September” opens a portal to the earliest hours of morning via synthesis of swirling pads and snapping drums. Closing the EP in introspective fashion, the track shows just how much emotional range Intimacy can pull out of decades-old disciplines.

Written & produced by P. Perdue in Memphis, TN

Art: CM-DP
Mastering: Alex Michalski
Wordsmithing: Marcel Reyes-Vermillion