DJ Chupacabra - Yard Club [HAWS009]

DJ Chupacabra - Yard Club [HAWS009]

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Artist: DJ Chupacabra
Title: Yard Club
Label: Haŵs
Cat No: HAWS009
Format: 12” Vinyl
Style: House, UK Garage

A1. Chandone
A2. Turbo
B1. Modem
B2. Drip

Just short of their milestone tenth release, Haŵs pulls up the inimitable DJ Chupacabra (and alias of Davide Piras) for his debut. ‘Yard Club’ takes the intimacy of hazy, expectant dancefloors and transfers it into four subtle shades that demonstrate the understated power of the warmup track – or the after-hours wind-down.

Lounging gently into focus, the A-side’s ‘Chandone’ is a poised house number with bobbing synths and a retro acid feel. ‘Turbo’ continues on this tip, except this time there’s more syncopations, tight kicks and a husky vocal sample; each one is an ideal candidate for those hushed, meditative moments in a club or saluting the new sunrise.

‘Modem’ from the B-side is classically playful Chupacabra, coupling a phone dial tone with a UKG stride and wacky, shuffling textures. To close, ‘Drip’ turns its head towards a feeling of glitched nostalgia and pallid colours, oozing out dreamy piano chords against a backdrop of sliced percussion.

It’s a neat pool of stripped-back UKG and house that brings up the same delicious sensations of a rollercoaster slowly approaching its descent or recovering from its fall. Where these tools get put into practice is totally up to imagination.