San Diego Micro Grant

San Diego Micro Grant

In conjunction with The Afternoon Umbrella Friends, we are launching a micro grant in San Diego, aimed at helping developing artists find success in the face of financial adversity. Without a level playing field, many artists find themselves unable to balance work, art, and their well being. Beginning with just a single $100 grant, we hope that we can make even a small difference in peoples lives.


This month two (2) $100 micro-grants will be awarded to two (2) San Diego based artists/musicians. One (1) will be for life necessities (rent, food security, gas, etc.) and one (1) for school funds (i.e. books, online courses, supplies, etc.). 

The purpose of this grant is to help contribute to your medium. Whether that be through the purchase of music/records, equipment, programs, instruments, paint, brushes, etc. We want you to expand your creativity.

To be eligible you must identify with any of the following communities: LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, APIMEDA, Latinx; be a musician or artist (i.e. muralist, carpenter, sculptor, DJ, producer, dancer, vocalist, etc.), and currently living in San Diego County.

Applications close on September 30, 2020 and the winners will be notified by October 5, 2020. 

Thank you to our friend @strained.vinyl out in PHX, AZ for inspiring us to start our own micro-grant program.

It is during these uncertain times that one thing is certain; our respect for the San Diego underground. Diversity and inclusion is what makes our scene so beautiful, so we hope this micro-grant can be a small step in uplifting our community. 

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