@jar.photo, 2019

Online independent record store based out of one bedroom in San Diego, California. The source of new European vinyl for many working class DJ's in the states. Hand selected curation of limited quantities by Uri Leshner.

House, techno, electro, breakbeat, trance, ambient -- records that challenge ideas of genre normality. Inspired by historical institutions in San Diego, such as Siesta Records and the old Moontribe parties, and further on in California to Sunburn Records, ZoëMagik Records and the Wicked parties.

A goal of this project is to revisit many of those sounds as well as invite fresh new players from overseas. To support domestic producers, especially those at home here in the city. This store will dig its roots deep into San Diego and build a reputation for its commitment to cutting edge dance music. 

Ocean Grown Vinyl provides US based DJs an opportunity to purchase brand new records from small batch pressings by boutique European labels. Often these sell out before anyone here has even heard them and are never released digitally. 

The website is often updated with new releases. To stay up to date on everything, follow the page on Instagram (@oceangrownvinyl).

Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Much love from San Diego.