Man/ipulate - Shinsei [SHINUCHU003]

Man/ipulate - Shinsei [SHINUCHU003]

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Artist: Man/ipulate
Title: Shinsei
Label: Shin’uchū
Format: 12“
Style: House, Breaks, Techno, Progressive

A1. Shinsei
A2. Do It
A3. Sex Is Fun
B1. Science Function
B2. Insidynamic
B3. 22 Tensions

Pursuing their duty to bring new melodies from outer space back to our planet, Shin’uchū’s third satellite Shinsei finally lifts-off into orbit. To complete this mission, the astronaut Man/ipulate shares six various interpretations of his deeply-rooted discoveries on his mission to the outer spheres of the Milky Way.

‘Shinsei’ – meaning new birth – immerses the mind in a slow and distant mantra progressing onto an unexpected atomic explosion, kicking off the EP with a bang. Next comes ‘Do It’, a high energy upbeat bass-filled retro groove taking us back to the future, followed by ‘Sex Is Fun’, a true obscure warehouse rave essential.

On the flipside, ‘Science Function’ brings out the best flavours of house, with a hint of the unknown driven by an extra-terrestrial aura. ‘Insidynamic’ appears next, adding an electrifying collusion to the piece – a truly enchanting symphony perfectly balanced between light and dark.

Completing the release is ’22 Tensions’, a total must have closing track filled with a nostalgic twist of landing back on Earth after a memorable space-filled experience, marking the success of Shinsei’s operation in the outer spheres.